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August 16/17 through Aug. 30/Sept. 1

I love… it started with “I love NY,” and now is one of the most re-adapted graphics since the smiley face. We’ve created “I heart” logos for cities, dog breeds, coffee, and significant others. But what would it look like if our hearts were more focused on other people in the world? What if we cared more about our own church – or maybe even the person right next door? In this weekend message series, you’ll be challenged to increase your “heart” in some simple but significant ways.

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Weekend Message Series
September 6/7 – 27/28
People believe some crazy stuff about love, and sex, and God. Where do we get those ideas? And why do we believe them? Join us for a frank look at 3 things that matter most.
September 13 & 14
The youngest person on Fortune Magazine’s list of “50 Biggest Mafia Bosses,” Mike & his wife Cammy will discuss how their mafia marriage survived criminal trials and prison to thrive over 29 years.

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