Serve causes like foster youth, human trafficking, and mentorship.


Become a Foster Parent or Safe Family
Cause:  Foster Youth
When: Flexible
Where: Anywhere
What: If you'd like to find out more about foster parenting, Safe Families (temporary housing for children removed from their homes), or if you are currently a foster parent let us know! We'd love to partner with you in this journey and connect you with some great resources.

Higher Ground After school Enrichment for At Risk Kids
Cause: Mentoring
Who: Connection Group Friendly
When: Varies
Where: Anaheim
What: Help kids with homework or other activities after school through the organization Higher Ground which is geared toward mentoring low-income families at schools in Anaheim. 

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate)
Cause: Foster Youth
Who: Individuals 21 & over
When: Flexible
Where: Orange County
What: Become a CASA for a child in the foster care system. For those who have a heart for foster children, but may not have the capacity in their homes, this is the opportunity to make a difference in the life of a foster child. A CASA provides a one-on-one stable, adult relationship for an abused child and independently monitors the child's circumstances in order to provide fact based information to the court in the best interest of the child. The CASA is the voice of the child to the court.

Human Trafficking Task Force Volunteer
Cause: Human Trafficking
Who: Varies
When: Varies
Where: Orange County
What: Learn to identify human trafficking victims in your community, how to get victims help, how to support survivors, become a mentor, be an interpreter, provide transportation, teach a life skill and more. Varying levels of training required.


Rescue Pack for Human Trafficking Survivor
Cause: Human Trafficking
Who: Family Friendly, Small Group Friendly
When: Flexible
Where: Any
What: Shop for items and assemble care packages for girls rescued from human trafficking.  These gifts will be given out by law enforcement officers rescuing them.  List given after signing up. Cost is $50-75/ bag.


Teen Leadership Foundation
Donate gift cards to Target, Walmart or grocery stores help support emancipated foster youth as they pursue higher education (trade schools and certificate programs) while living at The Launch Pad, a division of the Teen Leadership Foundation.