We loved getting to spend Christmas at Eastside with each of you and hope that you enjoy this at home Christmas Day service.  

Stay in your pjs, grab your family, cook up some hot cocoa, and enjoy the service! 


If you want to take communion with your family this morning, all you'll need is some juice, bread and a quiet moment to reflect on all that Jesus has done and sacrificed for each of us.


If you are a guest with us, we hope that you have been blessed by this Christmas Day online experience. For those of you that call Eastside your home, we want to thank you for your continued worship through giving.  

18,985 people experienced Christmas at Eastside, and we believe that it was because each of you took the time to prayerfully consider who in your life needed to hear the good news of the freedom we have found in Jesus Christ.  

If you would like to continue in worship by bringing your weekly tithe, please follow this link:

Three Steps for New Year

1. Join us in Next Steps, and discover how you can find your call and God's purpose for you.

2. Join a Small Group or consider leading one.

3. Download the Bible App and be in the word every single day.