Design and manage a department budget


To fully understand the budget process at ECC and how it correlates to the strategic plan of the church as well as the importance of monitoring budget vs. actual performance.


(To be completed by team members prior to meeting)

  • Assignment 1 // Read “Strategic Planning and Budget Process.

  • Assignment 2 // Create a JHM camp budget and determine how much the registration fee should be.

  • Assignment 3 // What is the impact of actual costs exceeding your budget.


After reading Strategic “Planning and Budget Process,” answer the following questions with a brief paragraph and discuss with the group.


  1. Explain in your own words why it is important to prepare the budget after the completion of the department ministry plan and why the ministry plan is a critical element in the budget process.

  2. What do you perceive as your greatest strengths and weakness in participating in the budget process and list some resources you can turn to for assistance in areas where you may feel lacking?


Based on the following facts and using Exhibit B as a template, prepare a budget for a JHM Summer Camp.

FACTS: You are planning a budget for next year’s annual JHM Summer Camp. You have 90 kids attending your program on a weekly basis and so, based on previous years’ attendance, you are hoping to get 40 kids to go to camp. You plan on chartering a bus that will accommodate 55. With 40 kids, you estimate you will need about 10 leaders/volunteers (including yourself) to go along. You have some scholarship funds available so you intend to scholarship 5 students. Leaders will attend free. You intend to bring in a guest speaker for $3,000 who will participate in the 5-day event. The cost of the bus in $7,000. One of your leaders will also lead worship services. You intend to pay $1,000 for brochure/handouts. The campground for the event charges $250 per camp attendee (kids and leaders). This covers the cost of food, lodging and use of facilities. You plan on underwriting the camp with $2,700 from your ministry budget.


  1. What would be your recommended camp registration fee?

  2. What would you do if it turned out 50 kids wanted to attend which would create the need for two more leaders to attend and incur the cost of a second bus?


Exceeding your Departmental Budget can have negative consequences for you and for the overall organization. Answer the following questions.


  1. You have been working hard to stay within budget, but you consistently exceed budget in certain areas. What options might you consider taking so you stay within your overall budget?

  2. What are some negative consequences to you personally and to the organization if you exceed your Department Budget?

LEADERSHIP TAKEAWAYS (to be completed during group discussion)