Serve causes like low-income students, title-1 schools, and tutoring.

Give Your Time

Help Alleviate Poverty at Giving Children Hope
Cause: Low-Income Students
Who: Family Friendly, Small Group Friendly
When: Varies
Where: Buena Park
What: Volunteer at Giving Children Hope (a local non-profit that helps alleviate poverty in our community) Mon-Fri between the hourse of 9am-5pm with packing backpacks full of food for local low-income students and their families.

Joya Scholars Tutoring Program
Cause: Tutoring
Who: Adults Only
When: Wednesday Nights
Where: Fullerton
What: Help break the cycle of poverty one student at a time using education. Mentor one of the 1,200 low income children in the Garnet district of Fullerton and give them a chance at a better future. 2 or more years of college education required to serve. Commitment is every other week but try it once first if you like! 

Make A Donation

Donate Paper
Cause: Title 1 Schools
Who: Family Friendly, Small Group Friendly
When: Anytime
Where: Anywhere
What: Donate reams of paper for a local Title 1 (low income) school. Often times these schools run out of paper mid-year and sometimes teachers even end up paying for copy paper from their own pocket! Let's meet this need!

Donate Books for Local Schools
Cause: Title-1 Schools
Who: Family Friendly, Connection Group Friendly
When: Flexible
Where: Orange County
What: Donate gently used or new books for local school libraries. New and captivating books can inspire literacy!