You will not want to miss out on this years Summer CAMP! So gather all of your friends and discover how AWESOME God truly is!  DON’T miss out on the best Summer Camp ever!

Park Rapids Kids Camp: August 11-16TH // 5TH + 6TH Grade Students

Why do we do Summer Camp?    

Throughout history, God has chosen to communicate with people through the use of outdoor settings. Summer Camp gives kids a chance to get out of their daily routine and to invite their friends to do the same. Here, they are able to connect with God and with each other. So, in this “wilderness” setting, kids will have an opportunity to think about their lives and be able to start living the abundant life of Christ.

Where is Summer Camp?    

We will be taking 5th-6th graders (as of Fall 2019) to Pine Haven Camp. 

Pine Haven Christian Assembly
16508 State Hwy 87
Park Rapids, MN 56470

How much does it cost / where do I register?

Before 5/1: $150.00

5/1 - 7/28: $160.00

7/29 or later: $180.00

To register, visit, and select “5th and 6th grade Zone B Camp”

Contact Bronwen for more information email: