CIY Move

Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO
June 30- July 6

We will be spending Fourth of July week in the beauty of the Colorado mountains at HSM's Summer Camp! Our students will be attending camp organized by Christ in Youth. Their events are designed to amplify the call of Christ on students' lives to become Kingdom Workers.

This will be an awesome experience for your child! They will be enjoying incredible worship, life-changing messages, connecting with friends old and new, enjoying an optional whitewater rafting excursion (for a small additional cost), all while taking in the beauty of Colorado. This entire trip and more will be for the cost of $375. A $50 deposit will secure your child's spot.

Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions below for more information!

Colorado is so far! Why are we going all the way to Colorado?

Historically, we have gone to camp locally in Southern California, so we understand why you may be asking this question! We asked ourselves the same thing! The goal of Colorado is to create an unforgettable shared experience among our students, where they can make life long friends and memories, all the while engaging in an experience designed to encounter God, no matter where they are on their spiritual journey. This is ensured to be an adventure, and will be new and will create memories as students get away from their neighborhoods and travel a bit further. Additionally, we were able to secure the same price for camp in Colorado as we would in previous years in our own backyard. So onto Colorado it is!

How are you getting there?

We are traveling via charter bus! We have researched the DOT records on the US Department of Transportation and the bus company we chose is highly reputable and their number one priority is ensuring your child's safety. We will depart June 30th in the evening and travel through the night and arrive July 1st around noontime, with a stop for breakfast. We will leave Colorado in the same fashion: we will depart the evening of the 5th and arrive back at Eastside Anaheim on July 6.

Where will we be staying while we are there?

We have partnered with CIY- Christ in Youth- for the past few years and they are also going to be putting on our camp this year as well. We will be staying at Fort Lewis College in Durango, Colorado, a public four year college. Each student will be staying in a dorm room with at least one other student. Leaders will also be staying in rooms on the same floor in rooms nearby to ensure safety as well. 

Why should I sign my child up for this?

CIY Summer Camp 2018 will ensure that your student encounters the truth of the Gospel in a way they never have before. Away from what's familiar and surrounded by people who are eager for them to be a part of HSM, our goal is to shape a life-altering experience for each student that comes. Additionally, is there a better way to make friends that to road trip together? No way! 

This sounds AWESOME! When can I sign my child up?

We knew you'd say this! Eastside will be opening up all camp registrations on Easter, April 1, 2018. We will have the link sent out in a Parent Email, on our social media and will be promoted during our HSM program on Sunday nights.

How much is this amazing trip?

$375! This will include everything for five days for your child including transportation. The only additional funds needed will be for our two meal stops, on the way there and back. Scholarships are available as needed. 

What if I have more questions?

You are welcome to email one of our High School Pastors! You can reach Rachel at and Landon at