Recognize, understand, and motivate different personality types and skill sets.


To be able to match a volunteer's personality type and skill set to a Guest Services volunteer position with the goal of serving our vision to provide quality service to our guests that guarantees a lasting impression.


  • Assignment 1 // Read Chapter 3 of “First Impressions” by Mark Waltz and answer questions.

  • Assignment 2 // Take the S.H.A.P.E. test - and answer questions.

  • Assignment 3 // Read Romans 12:4-7 (Amp) and 1 Peter 4:10-11 (Amp) and answer questions.


Concentrating on pgs 46-54 of Chapter 3 of “First Impressions, Mark Waltz says that for a long time his church had the philosophy that “if you can brush your teeth and smile, you can serve on the Guest Services team.” He says, quote, “It’s just not so.

These team members need more than fresh breath and a nice smile. They need to know how to connect with people, and they need to enjoy doing so. They should be wow-makers. How God has designed individuals determines where and how they should serve in the local church. Not every member of your church should be a member of your Guest Services team.”


  1. Do you agree with his assessment? Why or why not?

  2. How could placing the wrong personality type in the right Guest Services role have a negative impact on a guest’s first impression? Give an example.


Take the S.H.A.P.E. test. Bring your test results to the next training workshop.


  1. What did you learn from the test? Were the results a surprise to you or had you expected to receive the outcome you did? After seeing your results, are you convinced you are serving in the right area?

  2. After taking the SHAPE test, would you say you have the ability to recognize when a volunteer has the SHAPE to fill a particular volunteer role? If not, how can we help you develop in that area?

  3. How can matching a Change Maker’s personality type and skill set aid in ensuring that he/she is placed in the right role for them? Why is it important to serve in our area of giftedness?

  4. Since Change Makers most often serve where they have passion and giftedness, what ideas would you have for training a volunteer (or furthering their knowledge) in a certain position if they were lacking refinement in that role?


Romans 12:4-7 (Amp)

For just as in one [physical] body we have many parts, and these parts do not all have the same function or special use, so we, who are many, are [nevertheless just] one body in Christ, and individually [we are] parts one of another [mutually dependent on each other]. Since we have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us, each of us is to use them accordingly: if [someone has the gift of] prophecy, [let him speak a new message from God to His people] in proportion to the faith possessed; if service, in the act of serving; or he who teaches, in the act of teaching; or he who encourages, in the act of encouragement; he who gives, with generosity; he who leads, [ d ]with diligence; he who shows mercy [in caring for others], with cheerfulness.

1 Peter 4:10-11 (Amp)

Just as each one of you has received a special gift [a spiritual talent, an ability graciously given by God], employ it in serving one another as [is appropriate for] good stewards of God’s multi-faceted grace [faithfully using the diverse, varied gifts and abilities granted to Christians by God’s unmerited favor]. Whoever speaks [to the congregation], is to do so as one who speaks the oracles (utterances, the very words) of God. Whoever serves [the congregation] is to do so as one who serves by the strength which God [abundantly] supplies, so that in all things God may be glorified [honored and magnified] through Jesus Christ, to whom belongs the glory and dominion forever and ever.



  1. Think through the spiritual gifts listed in Romans 12. Which gifts are useful for a Change Maker? Which gifts are useful for a leader of Change Makers?

  2. In reviewing your SHAPE, what gifts and talents do you possess that will serve you well as you lead Change Makers. Where could you use some development? What steps can you take to improve in this area? (How can we help?)

  3. If you and your Change Makers are all serving in the areas of their giftedness (SHAPE), how does that work together to serve our vision to provide a “wow” experience to our guests? How does it work together to provide a culture of care and appreciation to our Change Makers?

LEADERSHIP TAKEAWAY (To be completed during group discussion)