Everyone's journey is unique.

Wondering what the NEXT STEPS are here at Eastside? Join us for a 4-week experience as we hear Eastside's story, and find out how you can be a part of the story that God is writing here. 

Step 1: Connect

August 5/6

In this first step, Gene will share some of his personal story, as well as the history of Eastside.  Our hope is that you will grow in your understanding of what it means to Pursue God.

Step 2: Community

August 12/13

In this second step, we will look at what it means to build into those around you and how your life can be so much better when done together in community. Our hope is that you will walk away with some new friends, and maybe even a connection group.

Step 3: Compassion

August 19/20

In this third step, we will explore how Eastsiders are Unleashing Compassion both locally and globally, we will then spend time discovering your gifts and talents.  Our hope is that you will have a better understanding of how God has shaped you and discover what He is calling you to. 

Step 4: Change Maker

August 26/27

In this fourth step, you will get to choose your own adventure by picking one of two options!  Our first adventure will take us on a journey around the Eastside campus to see how our team of Change Makers are impacting the kingdom using their gifts and talents.  In our second adventure, you can stay and hear how you can make a difference by becoming a small group leader.  From behind the scenes in the auditorium to our NextGen ministries, it's our hope that you'll discover your passion & call. 

Saturdays at 4:30pm & Sundays at 10:30am & 12pm in The Commons

Park Rapids
Sundays 11:00am

La Habra: 
Sundays 11:00am