This is an overview of how we do groups at Eastside and the role of a small group leader.


Understand the fundamentals of small groups at Eastside and the basics of how to lead a group.


  • Assignment 1 // Watch What is a Small Group?, Review Small Group Ideas Document, & Answer Questions

  • Assignment 2 // Watch What is the Role of a Small Group Leader? & Answer Questions

  • Assignment 3 // Watch CORE Principles & Answer Questions

  • Assignment 4 // Watch Logistics, Review Leadership Agreement, & Answer Questions


Watch What is a Small Group?:


Review Small Group Ideas Document


A gathering of (typically) ______________________ who ______________________

to ______________________, ______________________, and ______________________.

Your group can be built around ______________________.

We want you to be able to leverage your ______________________ and



  1. What type of group(s) might you be interested in leading?


Watch What is the Role of a Small Group Leader? :



Small group leaders are the front line ______________________ of Eastside. They’re responsible for helping people make friends, follow Jesus, and make a difference.

Make Friends

Create time for ______________________.

Have ______________________.

Be ______________________.

Set ______________________ expectations.

Who you gonna call?

Follow Jesus

Each week incorporate ______________________, ______________________, and/or


Identify one ______________________ for everyone in your group. Some possible ones


Lead ______________________ Well.

  • ______________________ Jesus.
  • Do you have the ______________________ you need?
  • Are you personally seeking to take your ______________________?

Make a Difference

Small groups aren’t meant to be ______________________, but rather units of the church


______________________ with Compassion.

Inviting others who ______________________ to be a part of your community.


  1. What are some creative ideas to help your small group make friends?
  2. Given the type of group you’re thinking about leading, how might you incorporate Scripture, prayer, and/or story into your group?
  3. What are some specific ideas for how your group could make a difference?
  4. What is one next spiritual step you personally need to take in the coming semester? What is your plan for taking that step? Be specific. (i.e. If you need to read your Bible more, then say you’re going to get up 20 minutes earlier Monday-Friday so that you can read your Bible from 7-7:20 AM before going to work.)


Watch CORE Principles:



Be ______________________ – Groups meet weekly.

  • Fall: ______________________ to ______________________
  • Spring: ______________________ to ______________________
  • Summer: ______________________ to ______________________

Be ______________________ – Groups welcome new people.

Be ______________________ – Great leaders _____________________________.

 Be ______________________ – Be expecting God to move and be open to it when He does.


  1. Assuming your group is going to continue for more than one semester, what are some ways you can keep community and connection going during the semester breaks?
  2. What are some things you can do to be intentional about inviting people to your group? What can you do to encourage your group members to be proactive about inviting new people to join as well?
  3. What would you like your leadership to be defined by? How can you pass those leadership qualities on to others?
  4. If you are currently leading a group, where do you think God might be leading your group next?


Watch Logistics:


Review Leadership Agreement


Support and Organization

Each hub is led by a _____________________ and a team of ______________________. They are

responsible for:

  • Walking people through our ______________________.
  • ______________________ group needs.
  • ______________________.
  • Working with you to help your group ______________________, ______________________, & ______________________.
  1. Next Steps/Leadership Pipeline Complete Leadership Application:
  2. Interview with Small Group Director
    1. Sign Leader Agreement
    2. Register Group:


  1. What part of the leadership agreement resonates most with you?
  2. Is there anything in the leadership agreement you disagree with?
  3. Which part(s) of the leadership agreement will be most challenging for you to live out? (You will not be asked to share the answer to this question with the group, so be honest with yourself.)

LEADERSHIP TAKEAWAY (To be completed during group discussion)