• Have you ever seen someone completely lose it – at a sporting event, at work, in a movie?

  • What was the reaction of people around him/her? 

  • Is anger always bad? Why or why not?


Watch this video first for a humorous look from Hollywood at some of the dynamics of dealing with anger. Or you can skip this and watch video #2 for a personal perspective.


  • Share observations about the clip(s).

  • What feelings or dynamics did you experience while watching the clips?

  • How do you respond to the anger of others?

  • Tell about one thing that makes you angry.

  • How do you deal with your own anger?


What key thoughts or ideas about anger stood out to you from Gene’s weekend message? 

Anger is often a healthy response to experiences we have in this world: injustice, hurt, cruelty, etc. God is not shocked or disappointed by our anger – in fact the Bible talks a lot about this volatile emotion. Read any or all of the verses below, then talk about how they portray anger. 

Consider how they relate to you and managing anger in your own life.

  1.  Exodus 32:15-20

  2.  Psalm 103:6-12

  3. Jonah 3:10 – 4:9

  4. 1 Corinthians 13:4-5

  5. Colossians 3:7-10

  6. Ephesians 4:26-27 makes 3 separate distinctions about dealing with anger. Discuss the significance of these distinctions.


What are your takeaways? 

How will our discussion today apply to you tomorrow?