What comes to mind when Dr. Martin Luther King is mentioned?


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1. In his message Gene said, “We have wall-building hearts.” Is there some person in your life towards whom you’ve built a wall in your heart? Is there a people group?

If so, acknowledge your feelings to God, and ask him to give you a heart of acceptance and compassion.

2. Jackie Robinson once said that the moment when Pee Wee Reese put an arm around his shoulders saved his career. Is there a situation in your life where you need an arm around your shoulders? Is there someone you know who needs your arm around his or her shoulders?  What might that look like?

3.  These can be difficult topics to discuss because of our differing backgrounds, experiences, and deep-rooted beliefs. If comfortable, acknowledge where you may struggle with these issues. Then spend time praying together as a group for each other, for our church, and for unity in Christ.

[Optional Expanded Discussion]

1.  Is it possible to accept Jesus’s words about acceptance but still live with subtle biases? What could we do to live more consistently?

2.  Is there a time when you were able to accept a hurt or offense – and turn the other cheek? What was the result of that experience? Conversely, was there a time you retaliated? What was the result?

3.  In your ministry or leadership roles, what are some ways you could support and encourage greater diversity? Is there someone you need to encourage – or confront – about his or her attitude towards this topic?

4.  Read John 17:20-23. Discuss insights from Jesus’s prayer.