What was a big take-a-way for you from this weekend’s message?


[Optional] For those who haven’t seen the movie, view the Unbroken trailer:



1. Louie Zamporini was an Olympic runner, who went on to live a life marked by perseverance and endurance. Why do you think the Bible repeatedly uses the metaphor of running a race to describe the Christian life? List the correlations.

2.  Read James 1:2-5.  How do we normally view hardships? How does James view them? Why is wisdom needed - especially in these situations?

3. Read Romans 5:1-5. How are hope, suffering, and God’s love interrelated?

4. Read Hebrews 11:1, then 12:1-3.  Looking back through chapter 11, who are the “cloud of witnesses?” What will make us able to run our race with perseverance? How is Jesus our model?


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1.  How are you doing in running your “race”? Fresh – just starting, Tired & sore – need to rest, Wounded & thinking of dropping out, Got a second wind, Where the heck is the finish line?

2. Are there any areas in your life you may need to address in order to continue moving forward spiritually? (forgiveness, bitterness, loss, failure, fear, guilt, apathy)

3. Each one of us is running a race, but we don’t run alone. The fact that you are in a connection group means there is a group of people who will support and cheer you as you run your race. Think of one thing you need this week that would help you to keep going. Then pray together for each person’s need.

4. Are there any physical/tangible ways your group can help and support each other this week?

[Optional Expanded Discussion]

1. As you look back over the race you’ve been running, what were some of your greatest challenges? What do you see in hindsight? What did you learn?

2.  What is the significance of Heb. 11:39-40 to 12:1?

3. Are there any younger, or new believers in your ministry in whose lives you can be a witness? What would that look like?

4. Pray for each other, and for the ministries of Eastside, for the many people who are struggling to persevere.