What is the worst weather storm you’ve been through – snow, tornado, hurricane, other?


[Optional] For those who haven’t seen the movie, view The Impossible trailer:



Click below to view the video for this week's message


1.  a.  Discuss your observations about the video, and the recurring theme: “through it all the light would still shine...”

      b. The Impossible is about a terrible natural disaster. What are some similarities between the concepts of storms and darkness in our lives?

2.  The Bible frequently refers to a life of faith as light versus darkness. Have a different person read each of the following verses, then discuss what the writer is saying about darkness and light. Psalm 112:4, Psalm 139:12, John 1:4-5, Matthew 4:16-17, John 8:12, 2 Corinthians 4:6, 1 John 1:5

3. Continue reading 1 John 1:5-7. What do these verses say about how we should live our lives? In verse 9, what is the cure for walking in darkness

4. All of us have experienced dark times and overwhelming storms in our own lives. Read Galatians 6:9, and John 16:33. For those experiencing storms in life, why is it important to persevere? What is our hope?

5. Read Isaiah 58:10 and 2 Corinthians 1:3-4. How can the storms in our lives serve a purpose and have meaning?


1. Have 1 or 2 people share briefly about a time they experienced Jesus’s light and provision during a personal storm. What did they learn? What can others learn from their experience?

2. Some of us are in the middle of a storm. Remember you are not alone. Share with the group your fears about the situation. Take time to pray for these situations. Think of ways to pray and encourage each other throughout the week.

3.  Some of us need to be the ones to bring help to those in a storm. We have been comforted so we can comfort others. We can BE the light of the world to others through our actions. Think of one or two people you can encourage in the weeks to come: Pray, listen, cook a meal, babysit kids, or put an anonymous gift card in their mailbox. How else could you bring light to their darkness?

[Optional Expanded Discussion]

1.  Read Matthew 8:23-27. What insights for today’s topic do you find in this well-known story?

2.  Taking the story in context, identify and discuss the many other “storms” included in the entire chapter. What are the correlations?

3. What are some specific ways you can encourage someone on your ministry team this week? Pray for each other and your ministry and leadership roles.