Who was your favorite TV Dad? (i.e. Cliff Huxtable, Tim “the tool man” Taylor, Phil Dunphy, ‘Dre Johnson, Someone else?)


As you watch the video, note some of the positives & negatives discussed regarding love.


1.      a) Discuss your thoughts on these comments about love.

b) What do these comments reveal about how our culture understands love?

2.   Proverbs 19:22 says, “What a person desires is unfailing love…” Did you see that in the video? Why do you think we sometimes feel let down by those who love us?

3.   In Luke 15 Jesus told the story of the Prodigal Son. Take a moment to read Luke 15:11-24.

a) What do you see that is not loving?

b) What are some of the son’s motivations for deciding to return home?

c) What is most surprising to you about the father’s response to the return of his son? Why?

4.   a)  Read Romans 5:7-8. How did God the Father show us his love?

      b)  What is the correlation of verse 7 with verse 8?

5.   Read 1 John 3:1a. What parallels with the Prodigal son do you see?

6.  Lastly, read Ephesians 3:16-19. List all the additional gifts that we can receive with God’s love.



1.   How could understanding these truths about God’s love for you affect the way you live your life this week? What might you do differently if you believed you were forgiven and accepted?

2. Are you currently in a place where you don’t feel God’s love? If you’re comfortable, share with the group.

3. Pray together. Close by having someone pray Ephesians 3:16-19 out loud over your group.

[Optional Expanded Discussion]

1. Sometimes maintaining an honest and authentic relationship with Christ can be difficult for mature believers who are busy leading teams, carrying vision, and serving in multiple ways. Do you think that’s true or not? Have you had that experience?

2. Share a verse that has been an anchor for you in your relationship with Jesus, and why.