What is the worst natural storm (earthquake, tornado, hurricane, blizzard) you’ve experienced?


This week in our “Jesus is…” series we’ll discuss how Jesus was a storm chaser.


1. Discuss your thoughts and observations about the video. What stood out to you? What were some of its recurring themes?

2. The source for this week’s study is Mark 4:35-41. Have someone read these verses out loud.

     a.  What was the disciple’s response to the storm? What was Jesus’s response?

     b.  When the storm is calmed, how does the disciple’s response to Jesus change? Was it a valid response?

     c.  How was their perception of Jesus changed?

     d.  Which would frighten you more – the storm, or Jesus?

3.  Have different people read the following verses. Psalm 46:1-3, Psalm 89:8-9, Psalm 18:13-16, Psalm 9:9-10, Psalm 62:1-2, Psalm 71:1-3

     a. What attributes of God does the poet describe in these verses?

     b.  What perspective do these verses provide for the storms we face in our lives?

4.  Now read Colossians 1:15-17. Who do these verses say Jesus is? Why is that significant?

5.  It’s been said that peace is not the absence of conflict…real peace is having calm and security in the middle of conflict. Read the first phrase of Psalm 46:10.

     a.  In light of this verse and all the previous ones we’ve read, how is peace in a storm possible?

     b.  Why is it often still difficult for us?

6.  a.  Lastly, read John 14:27. What do you think is different about the peace Jesus gives us, vs. “as the world gives”?

     b.  How can this verse encourage you as you face storms in your own life?


1.  Are there people you’ve seen who lived with peace in the storm of a life crisis? What did you notice about them?

2. If there are people in your group who have experienced God’s presence and peace through a storm of their own, take a moment to have them briefly share and encourage others.

3.  If you are facing a terrible storm in your own life right now, share with the group a little about it. Close by praying for each other, and commit to pray for each other throughout the week.



"Being connected in a small group is a vital component of our spiritual journey. This is where we come alongside one another and "do life" together and where we belong, grow and serve.

We realize, however, that sometimes an individual or group of individuals within a small group may go through a difficult season in life that the group is not equipped to handle. This is where the group can turn to the Friday Night of Hope ministry for support.

Friday Night of Hope is a place where people can find rest, get plugged into a specialized recovery group where they can rehabilitate, reconcile broken relationships and get restored to full spiritual health so that they can fully pursue God, build community and unleash compassion.

When the time comes, please feel free to contact Greg Arbues at (714) 875-3402 or garbues@eastside or visit"

[Optional Expanded Discussion]

1. Discuss the significance of Colossians 1:15-17. The “firstborn” has the rights of an heir. What rights does Jesus have? What is his relationship to “all things”? How is that significant to this study?

2.   a.  Share a storm that by faith you weathered successfully, including personally, in your ministry, or your leadership.

      b.  Share a storm where it felt like you failed, or the outcome wasn’t what you had hoped. What did you learn from that experience?

3.  Close by praying for each other, and for the many people at Eastside facing terrible storms in their lives. Also pray for the leadership and staff during this critical season of growth.