What’s the greatest party or celebration you’ve ever been part of? What made it so great?



1.    a.  Discuss your thoughts and observations about the video.

      b.  How do you think we can “embody” the celebration with Jesus as the speaker mentioned?

2.  Read Matthew 9:10-13.

    a.  In verses 10-11, talk about the things that at face value seem wrong with the situation.

    b.  In verses 12-13, how does Jesus turn the situation upside down? What point is he making?

3.  Have several people read the following verses: Luke 15:2-7; Luke 15:8-9; Luke 15:11-24. After each reading, answer questions a and b.

    a.  In each story Jesus tells, what is the problem?

    b.  What is the outcome?

    c.  In all three – what is the response? What does that response say about what’s found?

    d.  How do these 3 stories relate to the Pharisee’s muttering in verse 2?

4.  Read Mark 10:45 and Luke 19:10. What was Jesus’s purpose for coming to earth?

5.    a.  In Luke 15:10, how far does the celebration extend when one person finds Jesus?

       b.  What overall thoughts do you have about this discussion?


1.  Talk a little about the time when you were “lost,” before you met Jesus. How did Jesus find you?

2.  What are some reasons it can be hard to talk to others about Jesus, or share your faith?

3.    a.  If you’re someone who frequently talks with people about Jesus, share some of your hows and whys, and the responses you’ve received.

       b. If you’re someone who never/rarely talks with people about Jesus, what is it that holds you back?   

4.  Eastside provides so many easy ways to invite others, and introduce them to Jesus. What are some manageable ways you could start a conversation with someone this week?


One of the best ways Eastside demonstrates Christ’s desire to seek and save the lost is through our Compassion ministry. Visit for some ways to serve individually or as a group.


[Optional Expanded Discussion]

1.  For fun: Do you know or can you find the verse the video refers to about wine at the final celebration in Heaven?

2.  Read Luke 14:12-14. Discuss how this passage might be understood in today’s context.

3.  Share about someone in your sphere of influence with whom you’ve started a conversation about Jesus. If you haven’t yet, what are some ways you could get started this week?

4. Sometimes mature leaders in ministry can find themselves surrounded only by other believers. If that’s you, what are some ways you could begin to cultivate friendships with non-believers?


March 19 @ 6pm Connection Group Leader Dinner