Growing up, who was the peacemaker in your family?



1. Discuss your thoughts and observations about the video in light of those you are close too. How much alike are you?

2.  In our new series “It’s Complicated,” we’re looking at how we navigate our relationships. This week’s topic is: “Why can’t you be normal like me?” What are some reasons that it’s often hard to see things from other people’s perspective?

3.  Read the following verses: Genesis 1:11; Genesis 1:20-21; Genesis 1:24, Isaiah 40:26. What do you observe about how God creates? What do we learn about God?

4.  Read Psalm 139:14. What does this verse say about each of us?

5.  Have a different person read each of the following verses: Philippians 2:14-16; Galatians 5:13; Ephesians 4:31-32; Romans 12:2. After each verse, answer these questions:  

  1. What does God ask us to do in these verses? Why?

  2. How can these verses apply in our everyday relationships at home, or work?


1.  Where do you see people arguing about who’s right or “normal” in today’s culture?

2.  What is the hardest thing for you in navigating difficult situations (i.e. don’t listen, get too emotional, say things I regret, etc.)?

3.  What’s one step you could take this week to respond differently in a difficult situation?


A great way to change our own situation is by focusing on someone else’s. Check with our Compassion Ministry at for some ways to serve individually, with your spouse or family, or even as a group.

[Optional Expanded Discussion]

1.  Share one tip you’ve learned in your life that has helped you navigate difficult conversations with significant people.

2.  Read 2 Corinthians 13:11. Are restoration, encouragement, being of one mind, and peace an active part of your ministry or leadership or life? Share any trouble spots or improvements with the group, then pray for each other.