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What’s one lesson in life you learned “the hard way?”



1. Discuss your thoughts and observations about the video. What messages especially stood out to you?

2. This week we’re looking at Peter, one of Jesus’s disciples, who had to overcome terrible regret before he could move forward in the purpose Jesus had for him.

a)  Read Matthew 26:30-35. Jesus knows the disciples will abandon him. What is Peter’s response? What do you think he’s feeling/thinking?

b)  Read Matthew 26:69-75. Put yourself in Peter’s place. What thoughts and feelings are you experiencing?

3.  Read John 21:1-3. This scene happens after the crucifixion and resurrection. Why do you suppose Peter and the others decide to go fishing?

4. a) Read John 21:4-9. Why do you think Peter jumps out of the boat and leaves the others?

b) Now read John 21:15-17. What is happening during this exchange between Jesus and Peter?

c) Why do you think Peter feels “hurt” in v. 17?

5.  Now read Acts 2:36-41. Peter is speaking in front of thousands of people in Jerusalem. In what ways is he different than before? Why do you think that is?  


1. Are there people you know who have overcome great failures or disappointment? What do you notice about them? What makes them different?

2.  In what ways are you like Peter? How are you unlike him?

3. Do you have regrets that you just can’t seem to get over? How can Peter’s story help you – in the words of the video – let go of the past and move forward?


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[Optional Expanded Discussion]

1.  Are there ministry or leadership or any kind of regrets you are still carrying in your “backpack of regrets?” If so, why do you think that is?

2. Read Matthew 14:25-31; Mark 14:37; John 18:10-11; Matthew 26:34-35. Compare Peter in these verses with Peter in Acts 2. What has changed about him from a leadership / ministry perspective?

3.  What new season of ministry or leadership might God be preparing you for? How is he equipping you now?