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The Next Chapter

Eastside Park Rapids


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The Next Chapter

Eastside Park Rapids

Help us write the next chapter of Eastside Park Rapids

God's amazing grace and our recent growth give us an opportunity to write the next chapter in our history. Let's join together to serve the Park Rapids community in Jesus' name!








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What amount are we seeking to raise during “The Next Chapter” expansion project?

The short-term goal for this Next Chapter campaign is $350K in gifts to be received by December 31, 2019. This amount, when combined with the $350K already received, will allow us to move dirt and start the building process in a significant way.


What will happen when we reach the $350K goal--bringing our total to $700K?

Once these gifts have been received, we'll start moving dirt to relocate the parking lot and to construct the weather-tight building shells for our new worship wing and expanded Kidside area. This will add 8,353 square feet starting from the ground up with new foundation, electrical, walls, doors and roof in place--ready for final build-out and furnishing as the funds come in during our Completion Phase.


When the expansion project is complete, what will be different?

  • Space for worship — room for 250 people in every weekend service.

  • Space for Kidside — age-graded rooms and secure restrooms for our children.                             

  • Space for community — spacious indoor lobby joining our existing building with the new worship space.

  • Space for enlarged offices, restrooms, Next Steps and a dedicated Change Maker Team Room.

  • Space for more cars — bringing our friends and neighbors to meet Jesus at Eastside.

  • Space to grow!


When will I be asked to commit a gift amount?

We’ve set aside June 9 as our “Next Chapter” Commitment Sunday. That will certainly be an exciting day in the history of Eastside Park Rapids. But three weeks before that, Gene Appel will be here in all services on May 19 to share the vision of what God can do when we trust Him and work together.  The 21 days between kick-off and commitment are intentionally set aside for you to pray, plan and prepare to participate.

What are some examples of non-cash gifts?

God may have blessed you with other non-cash or currently liquid assets that could make a significant difference in this faith adventure. Here's a short list of the most common ones for you to consider:  

  • Stocks, bonds, and mutual funds

  • Real Estate (rental properties, business properties, land)

  • Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

  • Life Insurance policies with cash value

  • Tangible assets like vehicles, boats, and RVs

  • Farm commodities like beans, corn or wheat

If I choose to give stocks or bonds, which assets are the easiest to give?

Of all stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, those traded on a public stock exchange or market are easiest to transfer. When you make a gift of appreciated stock to ministry, you will receive an income tax charitable deduction of the stock on the date of transfer. In addition, if the stock has appreciated in value, you pay no capital gains tax on the appreciation (as you would have if you sold the stock.)

How are taxes handled on the transfer for buildings and land?

Real estate gifts can be of houses, land, condominiums, vacation homes, commercial buildings, or most any type of real property. Transfer of real estate is made by deed to the ministry. You receive an income tax charitable deduction for the fair market value at the time of transfer (determined by independent appraisal), and there will be no capital gains tax implications to your transfer.

At what age can I make a contribution from my IRA?

If you are at least 70.5 years of age, you can make a Qualified Charitable Distribution from your individual retirement account (IRA). You simply request that your IRA custodian send the distribution directly to Eastside Christian Church. Since you do not receive the distribution, you will not have to claim it as income. The qualified charitable distribution can be up to $100,000 and can be used to meet your required minimum distribution for the year.

How do I transfer a Life Insurance policy?

If your life insurance policy is no longer needed for its original purpose, you may find your policy is a perfect tool for increasing your generosity to your heart’s desire. To make a gift during your lifetime, you transfer ownership making Eastside Christian Church the irrevocable owner and beneficiary. The ministry can choose to hold the policy until death or surrender it and put the cash to work doing its mission today. To make a gift of life insurance through your estate, you can name the ministry as the beneficiary of the policy.

What types of tangible properties can I donate?  

Artwork, automobiles, boats, RVs, motorcycles, and collectibles, such as jewelry and coins, are all tangible items that can be used to make charitable gifts. Specific valuation and deduction rules apply making each item more or less valuable as a gift for the giver. However, once converted to cash (or put to use by the ministry) – tangible items can be very valuable to accomplish the ministry purpose and mission.


If I own commodities, how do I donate them?

A cash-basis farmer can gift grain to ministry. When the grain is delivered to the elevator or warehouse, all the paperwork must show the ministry as owner. The charitable organization must direct the sale of the commodity and will receive the cash proceeds of the sale. You will not receive a charitable tax deduction for the gift, but the value of the donated grain will not be reported to you as a taxable income, potentially reducing federal state and self-employment taxes.