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Coaching • Experience • Education




Coaching • Experience • Education

Developing the next generation of leaders

The Eastside Internship Program exists to prepare, equip, and inspire next generation leaders for long term, high impact ministry. Though coaching, training, and experiences, next generation leaders learn to make decisions, define processes, and practically apply leadership skills in ministry.

Application Deadline for Fall: June 30th
Decisions Returned by July 31st
Start Date for Fall: September 5th

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+ Kidside

Kidside (birth - 5th grade)… a fun, relational, and safe place for kids and families to grow together on their faith journey. Our staff and team of screened volunteers are committed to help kids learn to pursue God, connect in community, and unleash compassion. As a Kidside Intern, you'll have the opportunity to:

• Help lead in our weekend services

• Research learning activities for kids ministry.

• Coordinate purchasing of supplies.

• Assist with volunteer communication

+ Junior High Ministry

Transforming Jr. Highers by helping them Pursue God, Build Community, and Unleash Compassion in their homes, communities, and the world. We shatter the stereotype that church is boring and invite all 6th, 7th and 8th graders to jump in and discover new friends, an exciting faith, and a really fun time! As a Junior High Intern, you'll have the opportunity to:

• Plan, coordinate, and execute student events for each campus.

• Identify and recruit students to participate in groups.

• Maintain our database of leaders and students.

+ High School Ministry

Eastside's High School Ministry exists to help students transform their homes, schools, community and the world by Pursuing God, Building Community, and Unleashing Compassion. This internship is for anyone who is passionate about investing into the next generation of high schools students. As a High School Intern, you'll have the opportunity to:

• Plan, coordinate, and execute student events for each campus.

• Identify and recruit students to participate in groups.

• Maintain our database of leaders and students.

+ Young Adults

We value everyone. We are thankful. We think honesty paves the way in relationships. We put others first. We are willing to sacrifice everything to reach anyone. Whether you are in school or out, career focused or in-between jobs, religious or disinterested, we exist to connect all young adults to God, the church, and each other. As a Young Adults Intern, you'll have the opportunity to:

• Plan, coordinate, and execute young adult events.

• Identify and recruit young adults to participate in groups.

• Maintain our database of leaders and young adults.



+ Small Groups

Small Groups at Eastside exist to help people make friends, follow Jesus, and make a difference: to live out faith in the context of community, to take next steps on their spiritual journey, and to make a difference in the world. If you are passionate about relationships, leadership, or discipleship, we're the team for you. As a Small Groups Intern, you'll have the opportunity to:

• Invest in a group of potential leaders as you lead their them through our leadership pipeline.

• Coach a group of Small Group leaders, helping them troubleshoot problems and strategize next steps for their group.

• Be a part of planning our Small Group focused conferences (men, women, recovery, etc.).

• Develop community amongst Small Group leaders through social media.

+ Assimilation

Are you passionate about helping those who are new to faith and new to church get connected into environments where they can begin to grow and give back to others? If so, we'd love to have you join our Assimilation team. As an Assimilation Intern, you'll have the opportunity to:

• Learn how to develop a process that helps the unchurched and de-churched get connected in the church.

• Help lead Next Steps, our four-week interactive experience for new Eastsiders.

• Create "wow" moments for the guests who walk through the church doors.

+ Pastoral Care

Do you have a heart for those who are walking through a difficult season of life? Are you the go-to shoulder for your friends to cry on? Consider interning with our Pastoral Care team. As a Pastoral Care Intern, you'll have the opportunity to:

• Get trained in the "triage method" of pastoral care.

• Serve as pastor-on-call, learning to assist those navigating the twists and turns of life.

• Work with our Care and Recovery groups that help people work through sickness, loss, divorce, addiction, marital challenges, and struggles with mental illness.



+ Operations

Information coming soon



+ Worship

Are you passionate about leading others in worship? In our Worship Department, we provide practical, hands-on experience - from songwriting, to worship leading, to team building. We aim to teach a wide variety of skills and knowledge for a strong foundation in church worship. Because Worship is a specialized team, we ask that you please audition for this internship spot. As a Worship Intern, you’ll have the opportunity to:

• Lead worship alongside worship leaders at our various campuses.

• Receive leadership and talent development from our worship team.

• Help campus worship leader with daily responsibilities.

• Be involved with worship experience and run-through.

+ Graphic Design

Our Graphic Design team is responsible for inspiring and designing the "look and feel" of our church. From dreaming up stage designs for weekend services or special events, to making our campuses always look sharp. Because Graphic Design is a specialized team, we ask that you please submit your portfolio for this internship spot. As a Graphic Design Intern, you’ll have the opportunity to:

• Design graphic materials for Worship Experience

• Create engaging visuals for all areas of ministry.

• Design graphic materials for events and teams.

• Design for other various mediums.

+ Marketing

Our Communication team is responsible for all marketing communications and media in and around our various campuses. Interns in this department have experience in Graphic Design, Web Design & Coding, Videography, and Photography. As a Marketing Intern, you’ll have the opportunity to:

• Research creative elements used for the weekend experience and Communications.

• Logistical planning for creative elements.

• Order sermon series collateral: t-shirts, resource materials, etc.

• Manage deadlines for projects requested in Breeze (our Project Management software).

• Design marketing campaigns and emails.

• Enhance and contribute to building the new website.

• Create content for and digital marketing.

• Photograph special events and community outreach events.

• Edit and help manage our various social media channels.

• Maintain and organize photo library and archive.

+ Production

Our Production team gets to be part of the engine of making church happen across all of our campuses. They get to creatively express themselves through a heart of worship that is found in the Creative Technologies platform. This involves lighting, sound, and stage management. As a Production Intern, you’ll have the opportunity to:

• Work with production volunteers and contract employees.

• Assist with back-stage production.

• Research materials for creative elements.

• Assist the on-campus producer for each weekend experience.

• Assist with technical AV aspects on campus each weekend.

• Assist with upgrades and installs.

+ Film

Our Film team is responsible for shooting inspiring videos and stories to be used in our weekend experience as well as special events. Because Film is a specialized team, we ask that you please submit your portfolio for this internship spot. As a Film Intern, you’ll have the opportunity to:

• Assist with managing and prioritizing video requests and deadlines.

• Coordinate props and costumes for video shoots.

• Present ideas and participate in brainstorming sessions.

• Help identify talent and locations for video shoots.

• Help shoot and edit footage.

• Design motion graphics for weekend experience across all campuses.



+ Local & Global Compassion

Do you have a heart for helping others in need globally or locally? Compassion interns can choose one of two focuses. The global track, focusing primarily on missions and mobilizing the church to serve overseas. Or, the local track, which explores the partnerships between community agencies and the church, meeting needs by connecting resources and volunteers. Our philosophy is to focus on holistic work wherever possible, partner with those that are doing it best, and do it all in Jesus’ name. As a Compassion Intern, you’ll have the opportunity to: • Plan and coordinate local community outreach events.

• Work alongside outreach partners and volunteers.

• Help lead Beyond Borders trips.

• Help lead Serve Day projects.

• Take part in strategy and planning meetings.

• Assist with identifying opportunities to serve.



What Interns are saying


What Interns are saying







  • Coaching (1:1 Meetings with your coach, weekly team meetings, spiritual mentorship)

  • Education (Weekly intern class, learning and using core competencies, goal-setting execution and evaluation)

  • Experience (Practical and hands-on day-to-day, season-to-season ministry)


  • Intentional Investment

  • Next-Level Leaders

  • Team Focused

  • Excellent Execution

  • Relationally Strong

  • Notorious Learners

  • Spiritually Submitted


  • All Interns: Avg 25 hrs/wk

  • Weekly Class: Thursdays 3:30pm-5:30pm (2 hours)

  • Department Program Time: (8-10 hours)

  • Planning Meetings: Determined by coach (2-3 hrs/wk)

  • Office Time: Midweek (8-10 hrs/wk, 8am-7pm)


  • Catalyst West Conference Ticket ($300 value)

  • Mexico Missions Trip ($200 value)

  • $2,500 Scholarship (Only for those enrolled in an accredited university.)


  • Excellent Attendance

  • Active Engagement

  • Quality Project Completion

Application Deadline for Spring: November 22nd
Decisions Returned by December 14th
Start Date for Spring: Feb 7th

Questions? Contact Taylor Gonzalez